Culture doesn’t only take root in whitewashed galleries and pretty exhibition houses, but everywhere, where you let it.  As in the past three years, through the format TALENTS disused places are sought out, their uselessness is brought into question and you can experience new uses for inner city areas.

Whether in the form of pieces of furniture, fashion, jewellery, as an installation or a performance; young designers, colleges, students and collectives break familiar habits and create new space experiences.  The revival for a festival weekend allows Feldkirch’s creative potential come to the forefront once more, and promotes new impetus in the direction of a sustainable and dynamic urban development.



The format TALENTS provides creative young people with presentation platforms in urban and private vacant premises, in which current works, innovative products and a wide variety of possible uses can be presented and tried out. Through the analysis of current social themes, visitors of the POTENTIALe are shown new approaches, which stimulate thought and present creative solutions.  Above all, the younger target audience is brought into contact with college programmes and innovative thought patterns and given an initial insight into the educational side of the cultural sector.