Through the programme format PROJECTS, temporary activities in public areas are given a platform in which to try out.  In addition to various public places in the town centre, the perception of the Reichenfeld area as a cultural district in Feldkirch is addressed and used.  This area, closely connected to the old town, can be viewed as an area for the future, in which the prison and the academy of music are located.  The Reichenfeld area is prototypical for a change that has been sweeping through Feldkirch over the past five years.  While historical credibility is anchored in the old town, this area is developing more and more into an artistic laboratory for the future, not least through the POTENTIALe FAIR that takes place in its central buildings.


Those who remember the return of the Feldhotel in 2015 or the ball-shaped silent film cinema in 2016 know how quickly things that seem to appear overnight can shake up their surrounding environment.  POTENTIALe PROJECTS are the uninvited guests who turn up and don’t want to leave (at least in the heads of those around them).  Thematically, they outline contrasts that cannot be united, or loudly attract attention, only to be quiet.


This is possibly the most experimental format of POTENTIALe and views design as a socio-political instrument, forcing its viewers to reconsider their usual viewpoints.