Platform for Temporary Projects in Public Space

25 October - 12 November 2017


Through the programme format PROJECTS, temporary activities in public areas are given a platform in which to try out.  In addition to various public places in the town centre, the perception of the Reichenfeld area as a cultural district in Feldkirch is addressed and used.  This area, closely connected to the old town, can be viewed as an area for the future, in which the prison and the academy of music are located.  The Reichenfeld area is prototypical for a change that has been sweeping through Feldkirch over the past five years.  While historical credibility is anchored in the old town, this area is developing more and more into an artistic laboratory for the future, not least through the POTENTIALe FAIR that takes place in its central buildings.


Those who remember the return of the Feldhotel in 2015 or the ball-shaped silent film cinema in 2016 know how quickly things that seem to appear overnight can shake up their surrounding environment.  POTENTIALe PROJECTS are the uninvited guests who turn up and don’t want to leave (at least in the heads of those around them).  Thematically, they outline contrasts that cannot be united, or loudly attract attention, only to be quiet.


This is possibly the most experimental format of POTENTIALe and views design as a socio-political instrument, forcing its viewers to reconsider their usual viewpoints.






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Right between Altes Hallenbad & Pförtnerhaus an orbicular SilentFilmCinema emerged and served as a temporary open space and cultural platform. Daily during the last festival week, the installation designed by architect Christoph Eppacher presented an experimental cinema experience. 


››Why sit in a ball and watch silent films?‹‹

To experience cinema in a new way and recognise the surrounding space not just as event location, but as part of a production. Architecture and film meet and create new cinematic impressions.  Also, the SilentFilmCinema isn't as silent as its title might suggest: on selected movie nights live musicians will accompany the moving pictures and lead them into todays' Feldkirch of 2016. The silent films will partly consist of works from the classic silent film era and current productions both.


The architectural construct of the cinema is reminiscent of a football with hexagonal and pentagonal aluminium segments that create a stable shell covered by a water-repellent membrane.  The construction can be easily set up again at a different location, establishing a new space and interacting with different individuals.





A sound experiment at U1

While the underground parking zone at Reichenfeld is open to the public 24hours a day, people usually only spend a few minutes there at a time. On five evenings throughout the festival, the U1 car park turned into a sound installation that invited guests to dwell and experience the space in a new way.

With their project ››OREADEN‹‹ Nadine Hirschauer and Elisabeth Falkinger created a concert space of unusual nature. Carpets, manufactured by Tisca, help created a welcoming atmosphere for people to experience the unique mixture of the background noises of the garage combined with various musical performances and sound interventions within the particular architecture of the car park.


Find out more about the project here!




What There Is Of It

Photo Installation in underground passages of Feldkirch

Based on pictures of US photographers Robert Frank and Ansel Adams, Florian Gerer created analogue photographs that represent the opposites and similarities of the United States history and present.

While Robert Frank documented his 1959 US Trip in rough, blurred pictures, Ansel Adams published epic nature photographs. Florian Gerer both attempts to capture the beauty as well as the rough aspects of reality. This summer he took a trip through North America in order to capture the multiple different faces of the United States in analogue photgraphs. The resulting pictures are black and white photographs, which are plastered at various transit spaces in Feldkirch. Walking through the James-Joyce-Passage, the underground passage at Katzenturm and Bärenkreuzung you can catch a glimpse of various facets of subjective realities.


Click here for more info about Florian Gerer.








Travelling kiosk

Free space at Elisabethplatz


Imagine an empty place, somewhere in a city or a village. A place that has a specific meaning for the local community. People walk by daily, it is constantly filled with short-term visitors. The travelling kiosk was invented for such spaces. It can be easily set up and dismantled and used as a stage, a street cafè, a bar and anything else you want it to be.


The wooden structure of the kiosk is expandable and its modules can be used in various ways. It emerged from a collective around architect Martin Mackowitz, which collectively reflects upon issues such as neighborhood, micro structures and mobility.  During POTENTIALe 2016 it travelled to Feldkirch and was filled with life by all visitors and locals.


Find out more about the project here.