What remains from us ...

Shortly before POTENTIALe 2016, a strange construction was built in Reichenfeld. It wasn’t Feldhotel. Many locals and festival visitors could remember that, and it had looked different. It had been bigger, and looked more like a house, a wandering one, that could later be found in Lustenau and then even in the middle of the town. No, this was different. It was round, like a football. Inside it was hollow, light and mobile. It was a temporary cinema for silent films.


“Appreciating something different” makes a difference for a town. Suddenly, residents and visitors spring into action and think about the town and its everyday culture. POTENTIALe has repeatedly focused on cultural formats that are intended to stimulate participation in urban development. These projects don’t generate short-term hype, but grow slowly and involve local forces and resources.


The “Stummfilmkino” 2016 was communicated and used as public space in the town – as a so-called meeting zone. Similar to Feldhotel before it, this project should not simply disappear without a trace, but carry on in the long term – in Feldkirch, in the region and in Vorarlberg. This is the meaning of sustainability.


... and continues to work.


After POTENTIALe 2016 finished, the silent film cinema remained in Reichenfeld for two months and once again clarified that space can be provided for interested people, without strict prohibitions and surveillance – and this space can be used accordingly. In the lunch break, in youthful exchange, for curious children and parents or simply as a roof over your head: the silent film cinema didn’t want to leave. However, with the right request for further use, movement came to the ball and brought it to the market town of Nenzing. Together with Sapa, the object was taken on, dismantled and rebuilt as part of a youth project.  There it is still being used as a public area in a public area.

What is beautiful if not with style?

POTENTIALe has been nominated. Or rather, everything that makes POTENTIALe emotionally appealing. The appearance of our festival is going through the final judging of AdWin 2017, the Vorarlberg advertising prize, on 21st September 2017. And credit goes to Magdalena Türtscher. She is one of the people who have significantly influenced the appearance and development of POTENTIALe. Since 2013, the owner of “Magma – Büro für Gestaltung und Kommunikation” has been the authoritative art director of our project. From Folder to Photography to Signage, she is the one who has given POTENTIALe its unmistakable, powerful lettering and style.


In 2015 she submitted two of her works to AdWin for the first time – and was promptly given a nomination and an award in print communication. In Magdalena Türtchers entries, we find many of our own concerns, and perhaps the root of the success of our teamwork is here. Because nothing leads to higher-quality results than the mutual encouragement of ambitious ideas.


In 2016, the corporate design for POTENTIALe 2016 was created – a graphical stage for the most diverse content. Equally clear and reserved as it was extraordinary and striking, it was individually applicable without losing its recognition value. And, moreover, it was dedicated to sustainability.


In 2017 we recall the high standards of POTENTIALe. And we are continuing our work: by being the unique thing for which we created a framework.


Update AdWin

Style doesn’t have to be beautiful. We know that. You can play with beautiful and ugly. However, style is always clear. And the detail is important, because style only shows itself when everything comes together, right down to the last detail.


That is why stylish design is everything: playful, clear and with a love for detail. It’s not without reason that the corporate design for the POTENTIALe festival has won AdWin 2017 with precisely these (fulfilled) criteria. Strictly speaking, Magdalena Türtscher won AdWin with her corporate design. It’s playful and clear with a love for detail, and, most notably, it’s beautiful. Haptic, unique in its material design, and clear in its communication. This is exactly how we want to be and this is where we move forward from.



This year, typography is not only a visual characteristic of our corporate design; it is also part of the content. We recall how much continuity and, at the same time, potential for development typography enables, perhaps as the clearest form of visual communication. We celebrate typography and Magdalena Türtscher and the year 2017, which is a good start for a festival.